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Equipment Jobs is Australia’s single largest listing of job openings in the equipment industry. Our aim is to bring to our loyal equipment marketplace the most useful and helpful job searching and training solution as possible.

As Carsales has done for the automotive classified advertising, Equipment Jobs is driving to lower the total cost of advertising jobs and finding talent online. Brought to you through a partnership between Carsales and uWorkin, Equipment Jobs is a responsive solution for mobile and web platforms.

Carsales is the largest online automotive, industrial equipment and marine classifieds business in Australia. Ltd. is a publicly owned company whose goal is to bring you the best Automotive classified website in Australia. Attracting the most Australians interested in buying or selling cars, motorcycles, trucks and boats than any other classified group of websites, Carsales is a market leader in reaching the large community of people in the equipment buying and selling market. is an exciting on-line and mobile solution that brings mutual value to a myriad of job seekers, employment-oriented community groups, training organisations, councils, employers and many others. uWorkin’s Talent Communities are the largest collection of online communities for jobs, talent and training in Australia’s Human Resources market. Everybody wins with uWorkin!

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